We cooperate with the following companies:


With more than 40 years at the forefront of development and application of cryogenic vaporizers, Cryonorm has employed a combination of technology and production techniques to satisfy a diverse range of vaporising applications ...read all!


Tekoma B.V. is a leading mechanical fabricator of skid mounted process units and machine parts. With modern facilities and experienced personnel Tekoma has the expertise and capability to fabricate such modular components for all types of industries ...read all!

Cryonorm Projects

Cryonorm Projects provides worldwide Small Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants. The applied process is the "nitrogen expansion cycle", a closed-loop nitrogen liquefier provides the 'cold' for the liquefaction of the CNG ...read all!

G Force Consulting Engineers

G-force, servicing the Marine (ships & ports) industry and the oilfield sectors of Drilling, Production and Refinery operations for the purposes of design, manufacture, installation & operation of custom or standard build separation systems for treatment of ...read all!

Alfa Laval Benelux

1883. That was the year when Gustaf de Laval founded the company that today is Alfa Laval. Its success was based on his brilliant invention of the continuous separator. Since then we have added heat transfer and fluid handling to our expertise ...read all!

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